Friday, 22 February 2013

You live only once!

There is this awesome company in India, its called the JayPee group. It is responsible for happiness in the lives of many Youngsters. I am one of them, and the reason is simple. I am a sucker for speed, and Formula 1 is the sport I follow like a Religion, and JayPee brought it to India. They built what I would call a dream track, The Buddh International Circuit (BIC). Located in the place known as Greater Noida, BIC is a fantastic track, with Speed and Handling tested to the limit. I went there last year to see the F1 race, and I fell for it!

The Main Grand Stand at BIC
Now JayPee do another good thing, they arrange something they call "Time Trial", but it actually is a Track Day! It means you can take your car, to the track, and if its safe and legal, you can drive it around. Mind you, this track is of international standards, no potholes, no bumps, just pure Driving Nirvana!

The Buddh International Circuit
The date was 17th Feb 2013. I had just gone through a sleepless night because of the excitement I had as I was going to drive on it, and a little bit of tension because god decided to make it rain! Still, I was all prepared, I had a helmet, my car fluids were good, tires were all new, fuel tank was filled and I had done more than 100 laps of the track in my mind and on the F1 2012 game! All I had to do was pick up my friends, and drive to the track. I was allotted the 3rd session, which was a relief as I knew that the previous sessions would have aided in making the track dry and more grippy! I had my friends with me, and we drove to the Circuit. The ride to the Circuit is awesome too, as you can hit any speed you want on one of the few good roads in the NCR region. I chose to hit as much as I could, and my Swift DZire hit 160 kmph (Read 100, due to legal reasons). We had fun, loud music and shouting! Then the BIC complex stood in front of us. All we heard was the car roars due to the on going session. It was simply breathtaking. I had butterflies in my stomach, as I was just a few meters away from my dream. I parked my car, and did all the formalities. Then I stood in front of the gate, and across it was the Pit-lane. The experience, I cant tell you. We all had to wait for the session to be over.
The entry sticker for my car, I'm never gonna take it off!

Me waiting for the gates to open, and Checking the helmet too!
Sebastian Vettel's Pit, garage no. 6
I took the opportunity to check out the cars in my Session. BMW's, Jags, Mercs, Even an Audi A7. I was pretty confident i could overtake them. I stood outside, checking out the cars, admiring the view and enjoying with my friends. Then were in awe for the beauty of everything around. The gate opened, I rushed into my car, wore my RedBull Racing cap, and drove into the Pit-lane. As I crossed the SLS AMG safety, which was right in front of the Sebastian Vettel Pit, I got shivers. I parked my car, and ran around like a mad person, or rather like a child who has got his favorite toy. There was a collection of some pretty awesome cars and bikes.

The track, all dry and beautiful!
Me, after I was scared to death!
The cars, going on the track for the third time in one session
I was briefly ahead of the Porsche Cayman after I overtook it, although it overtook me back, here!
After the Drivers briefing, the Bike-Session (I wonder why, bikes look the best when they are just parked) and the Car-check, I entered my car, wore my helmet and started my car. Some hooters sounded, and we were off. It was just like the game, and I was shivering. Although the Mad car-freak in my mind was pushing the Accelerator hard down, with gear changes taking place like i was a robot. When the 1.2 km straight approached, it was on, 80-90-100-110-130-150 like a blur, and then the brakes for the corner. All was well, but some people were over-taking on the corners, which scared me more! Then at the Multi-Apex-C-Turn, it happened. A white Polo tried to overtake me from the left. I was more bothered about getting my tires heated up, and keeping the racing-line. As soon as i saw the left side overtake, I over-corrected, and spun-off straight into the gravel. The screens were showing the red flags, but people were still racing. I was scared to death, shaking that maybe I have killed someone (I hadn't, but the feeling was equally scary). The cars stopped, and a white Scorpio came to rescue me. I was taken to the backside of the track, where this Well-Spoken Track Martial helped remove all the Gravel that had entered the car. I recieved a call from my very concerned girlfriend, and the first thing I told her was that i am alive.

Anyway, I was taken into the Pit-lane, where my friends looked as if I had returned from the dead. My girlfriend asking me immediately what had happened. Ashamed and humiliated, thinking I had let myself and all of them down, I said I spun-off. I couldn't say anything else. The track Martial signaled me that I was good to go, and with a thumbs up, off I went! Scared and Anxious, I drove slowly. 2 laps later, a BMW Z4 had spun-off, with just inches away from the wall. We stopped, and went to the Pit-lane. The Session started again, and I went for it. I cared about speed, braking points and my Racing-Line. A few laps later, I wasnt scared of that point where I had Spun, and I was in the zone. I went for it, and overtook a Porsche. Then on the straight, although for a brief moment, i overtook a BMW 530d. It was fantastic. Being the youngest (The other person elder to me was 27) and in the slowest car, this was big. I was having the drive of my life. Improving on the time, After an hour of all the Orgasmic fun, The checkered flag was shown. As soon as I exited the Track, I hugged my Girlfriend, who was cheering me all along and standing there, and all my friends. The Emotional and Physical Test was over, and I was exhausted like all the energy was taken out of me, but given to my face for that smile of satisfaction.

It was the moment I am going to remember for the rest of my life, and not even memory loss can take it away from me. I felt happy and satisfied. All thanks to the people I love the most on this Planet, My Parents. I could not have done it without you. Next time, you are coming along with me! Cheers!

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