Saturday, 9 February 2013

Bigger is the new, well, BIG!

You know a company called Ssangyong? If no, you are a lucky person. If you do, well, then you really are scaling new depths in the world of Automotive News. I have to know the name, because people ask me- "Which company did Mahindra take over?" A personal note to Mr. Chairman of Mahindra, since you have so much money lying around, I would love to have a few crores too. I still haven't found any logic what-so-ever behind taking over a car company that is a synonym for UGLY. Ok, Mahindra makes two ugly cars, its called the Xylo, and its Midget brother, Quanto. But as a compensation, Quanto is also cute, an Ugly Duckling if you may, but contrary to the Fairy tale, the Ugly duckling, when it grows up, becomes uglier. What on the name of all that is holy was the need for you to take over that company? What did it have? A superb Design Department? Or a Technological Department that can change the face of the Indian Market? Yeah, NONE OF THEM. And Mahindra bowed out from the bid to buy the company which does that, its called Aston Martin. Sigh.

Its not Very Ugly, but Ugly is Ugly!

Cars are supposed to have something called style, am I not right?

Anyhow, Had this post been about me talking about ugly cars, I would have gotten even more sick. Luckily, I am covering up the plans of Ssangyong Mahindra, or Mahindra Ssangyong, or whatever, which are going to launch a new MPV. WOW? No. Mahindra has an MPV, a few SUV's, A mini-MPV and a very ugly ( Ok i just realised, Mahindra now is officially the car-maker in India to make the most number of ugly cars ) Sedan-ish car. But now it thinks that Ssangyong should launch some car called Korando Turismo. It thinks that 7 seats in a car are less. Its not up to the mark with the growing population on India. It has 11 seats, and all face in the front. So Indian Cricket Team, we have found you a car!

2+3+3+3=11, wow, so Dhoni and Kohli up front, and then then Ishant wont be able to enter without getting his legs cut off

About the car, it is 70 mm longer than the Ford Endevour, at 5130 mm, and is 1915 mm wide, and 1815 mm in height. Its wheelbase is 3000 mm, which is alot. It will have ABS, Sat-Nav, Sunroof and all that, but really, in a country which is as cramped as India, where in the city will you drive it? And are we living in the 1990's, where joint families existed? Anyway, Mr. Chairman, Anand Mahindra is "Excited by its potential in India" Ok sir, lets see how much more Ugly cars you can bring out!

Sir has time to tweet, but not to think again about buying Aston Martin, its a bad world

A special thanks to, and expert Mr. Roshun, for the pics and info!

PS- If the photos killed you, I am not responsible! :P

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