Sunday, 17 February 2013

Honda is back, First card is the new CR-V

The car is a looker, AGAIN

 Ok so Honda has finally started their "We wont give up on India" campaign. They launched the much awaited, beautiful looking and awesome New CR-V. This is the same car that made people feel Tingles in their bodies due to the sheer look of it. Although the car wasn't that god to drive, it managed to find buyers in people who just wanted a good looking big car. But Ford and Toyota played their cards, and Honda was sent packing. But now, they are back, and its time for Ford and Toyota to pee in their pants.

The rear is a little Volvo-ish
The headlamps, according to me are the best feature about this car

First things first, its even better to look at than the old one. Its a complete new design, With nothing being shared from its predecessor. The front is breathtaking, with that stair-inspired grille now replaced with a normal one, and the headlamps get projectors in them, with Day Time Running LED's. The foglmaps have no funny business going, and are simple and round. A bit disappointing thing about this car is its rear. I think the Honda designer got tired and just copied a Volvo, or he had a Volvo-fetish. In simple words, it resembles the Volvo, particularly the XC60.

Simplcity and Awesomeness, Honda nails it everytime!

Once you open the door, you expect a cabin that will tell you that you are here to be pampered, since the CR-V has a Honda badge on it. All expectations are fulfilled. The interior in typical Honda, i.e. its awesome. It get a center-mounted Gear shift, which has always been my favorite since i first saw it in the Hindustan Contessa. The Dash looks simple, yet there is something which tells you it is great. Its a looker, and the buttons are easy. The Info-cluster is superbly set up, with a circular blue screen in the middle for various information.

The engine, Honda has gone with a 2.4 litre 4-cylinder which delivers a decent 187 horses when you rev it to 7000 rpm, and at 4400 rpm you are given 226 Nm torques. The engine is mated with a 5 speed auto 'box, which can be shifted with paddles too! Also on the top-end variants, you get 4 wheel drive (I know, in an SUV? Why? :P ) The engine is a 2 litre 154 bhp @ 6500 rpm unit, with 190 Nm torques at 4400 rpm. It is mainly Front wheel drive, but It gives power to the poor chaps at the rear when something called slip is detected. I feel this CR-V too will be sold because of its Looks, until the Diesel is launched.

Overall, i love this car for its looks, and also for that Honda badge, which carries a strange reliable feel with it. I hope to see this car on the road, and i hope when i drive it, it surprises me!


Honda CR-V 2.0 2WD MT: Rs. 19.95 lakh
Honda CR-V 2.0 2WD AT: Rs. 20.85 lakh
Honda CR-V 2.4 AWD AT: Rs. 22.40 lakh
Honda CR-V 2.4 AWD AT (AVN): Rs. 23.85 lakh

A special thanks to Motorbeam, Team BHP and Cartoq for info and pics!

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