Saturday, 4 May 2013

Fancy a Hatchback? A Fancy Hatchback?

Yeah that was some wordplay. If you thought that the Volkswagen Polo GT 1.2 TSI is an expensive Hatch, think again. BMW and Mercedes have thought of beating that and that too by a very long margin. Although if you look the other way round, you are now going to get the 'BRAND' and the awesome 'GERMAN ENGINEERING' for a few less of that hard earned buck of yours.

BMW, who also own Mini, and launched the Cooper in India only last year, have now though of launching its 1-series by September. The car which is available in many parts of the world is known for its handling and awesome drive. The car is a hot hatch, and is available in Rear-Wheel Drive, which as we all know means Doughnuts, Drifts etc. But then, will you do that in your expensive Beemer? Hell yeah, else who will I buy it? And at a price tag of anywhere between 21-24 lakhs, it’s an expensive Hatch, but a cheaper BMW. I would buy it for its Engineering, but in India, many will judge you and say- You just own a Hatch. There you go, sales won’t be that good. But the car will feature Airbags, Leather seats, Cruise Control, ABS and even a banging stereo. So if you are a young rich brat, why look somewhere else?

Might not be a thing of beauty, but it will be Rear-wheel Drive

Well, you might want to look at the Mercedes stable. They have the B-Class in the Indian Market, and now they will launch a Diesel and the Awesome A-Class. A-Class will be launched by 30th May, and trust me, the car is going to be both a Looker and an Awesome Drive. With features and price similar to the 1-Series BMW, its early launch will give the most successful Mercedes launch a boost in the Indian Market. Hell, I can't wait to drive it.

Awesome looks, and add to that an awesome car to drive. Rich brats, Rejoice!

The B-Class I mentioned earlier, Launched at a price tag of 27 lakhs found buyers in the Indian Market and was a contributor in Mercedes regaining the 2nd spot in the Luxury car market. So this Sports Tourer, well, it must be having something.
Looks dicey, but it sure is a luxury Hatch! Sorry, Sports Tourer.
Mind you, the cars mentioned here are no bigger than our standard Toyota Etios that we get to see almost every day. Strange but true!

Anyway, I hope to at least see them on the roads, because I will be going to see them in the Showrooms, and you have my word, they will be awesome to drive. Let’s see if the Indian Market gets a dramatic change, or not!

Thanks to IBN Live, Zigwheels and NetCarShow for the pics.

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