Friday, 25 January 2013

What a way to spend crores!

Automobili Lamborghini India today launched its very own Bull in this even more Sexy Topless Avatar, Aventador Roadster! 

Lambo people, the ultimate teasers!

Now when you look at the Aventador, and then set your eyes on the way Lambo people have covered it, maybe that dormant side of you wants to jump on the stage and rip off those covers to reveal the Sexy beast inside. Well according to reports, no such event was reported at the Mumbai Showroom of Automobili Lamborghini. When the covers were removed, the "car" was revealed, being as awesome as it can be!

Now this beauty comes at a price, and for that you must have either a very wealthy dad, or else for sure you must be over 40 just to afford this. Its a Whopping 4.77 crores, which doesn't include the ridiculous taxes we have to pay to the good-for-nothing government. You can pay more, if you spec it in your own special way!

The car carries the same doors we find on the hard-top

The car is exactly the same as the hard-top, except for the fact that you the ability to drive this car topless, a deed you have to do yourself, that is, take the 6-kg Carbon-fiber roof away and toss it into the boot, which in at the front. Now if you think the car is lighter than the hard-top, you are wrong. It weighs 50-kg more. Andrea Baldi, Head of Operations, South East Asia and Pacific emphasized that the car will hit 100 kmph in 3 seconds and go on to 350 kmph, with the roof up or down. Cool, we just hope the old people can hang on to that, or those born with a silver platter find the balls and a road in India that can achieve that!

The interiors are also the same, and that Start Button, wooo!

Looking forward to catch a glimpse of the car on-road, and the pics of the same will be uploaded as soon as i can spot one (not that by any chance i will miss it) and will be able to stop oogling them!

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