Thursday, 24 January 2013

A new start, A new Concept!

In the past I have written many blogs, had my website called TechnoRamp, which gave me a huge exposure and brief popularity among people from many countries. All these projects came up, then died after a brief run. But this time I have decided to not only continue this blog for a long time, and also bring in this new concept, called a VLOG. This will consist of-
  • Car reviews
  • Various news
  • An overlook of cars, explaining the features listed in the Brochure
  • Maybe something funny which might have occurred
The BLOG part will consist of various other things like-
  • My take on cars
  • Some of the stupid myths people have in India related to cars
  • Which is the new car which you may or may not spot on the road soon
  • Technical stuff like Over-steer, Torque-steer, hybrid tech!
  • My take on various rules and regulations brought up in India
So I hope you all will have Fun reading this Blog, watching the Vlog so that the knowledge can be shared with you all! Do comment freely, as any positive or negative feedback will always help me make this Blog and the Vlog better! Kepp Driving, and Be Safe!

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