Monday, 25 November 2013

When one of your favorite car gets better!

Ok, so there are conflicts in my own mind to decide which my favorite car is! I adore the Mercedes SLS AMG, which along with the Range Rover Evoque, is my dream car. But they are not my favorite, there is an obvious difference. My favorite cars right now are, hand over heart, BMW 320d SportLine, Mercedes A180 Sport and the Maruti Suzuki Swift. I can call them all my favorites because I have driven them all. And I have a special place for the BMW 520d too!
The DRLs, yay!
Now the news is that the Japanese are making the existing awesome car even better. They introduced this new Swift DJE at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Now "DJE" stands for Dual Jet Engine, and that is awesome because that is Formula 1 technology we are talking about. This uses jet engine sort of stuff instead of a turbocharger (this technology is interesting, I will explain this tech in a post soon) which increases not only the fuel economy, but also makes the car powerful! And as a result of this, the car gives about 26 kmpl. Now when I drive my Swift, I get about 25-26 kmpl, but there is a difference. I have a Diesel, this is Petrol! So 26 kmpl in a petrol car, from a 1.2 liter K-series Suzuki engine, it is astonishing.
And I thought you can't make it better, bleh!
Now the engine is the actual party piece, and along with the Regenerative Braking Technology and Idling Start/Stop System, the car is as advanced as you can get, but there are a few other features that are added too!
If that badge comes in India, expect people to stare at it!
The car gets Paddle Shifters, Daytime Running LEDs, a Push button Start/Stop button (i20, Micra, Pulse already have it) and a feature that I want in my life, A color changing instrument console! The color of the unit changes as per the throttle inputs, so you know that when it is red, you are driving like a mad guy.
The changes between the normal one and the DJE!
Expecting that these features actually do come in India, expect the Engine option to follow the other cool features. We already expect these cosmetic changes along the Push button Start/Stop button to come to India next year, and the engine, well, maybe later! I know that my love with the Swift will surely break once I drive the Polo GT TSI, but until then, the New Swift, come fast please, I love you! :D
That instrument panel, please take my money right now!

That is not the car that might come to India, but please give us a 90HP Sport version, with those headlamps and grills, PLEASE?

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