Wednesday, 27 March 2013

When an SUV came, to simply blow my mind!

I have always been a fan of Jaguar Land Rover, especially after Tata Motors overtook them back in 2008. Now they changed the whole outlook of the Company. They changed the look of Jaguars, and then The Land Rovers. We are here to talk about the Land Rover Division, because, they have done something you cannot imagine. Of course one die hard fan of the Rangies, Mr Jeremy Clarkson (Who is my Idol when it comes to Car Critique) thinks that Rangies are now all about Bling, well sir, with all due respect, you are getting a little old. 

The best agent with, yes, the Best Car!

Now Land Rover first made the Sexiest car in the whole world, The Evoque, and then, when I thought that is it, they made another LEGENDARY and SEXY car, and they launched it in New York, yesterday. Its called the Range Rover Sport. And first things first, if you think it isn't a looker, please close this page, I'm not here to take any of your comments.

Evoque + Range Rover = AWESOMENESS

It is a mixture of Beauty, that is, the 2013 Range Rover, and the Evoque. It seems really tricky, and it is. But Land Rover people, and their Designers, they nailed this one. It looks awesome, and after the Alfa Romeo 8C, Evoque, and the SLS, this is the car that is proper Sexy!
The side fins are at the correct place now, joy!
Now usually, the Engines and all are boring, but the amount of variety you get, its staggering. The Range Rover Sport will be available with its widest-ever range of engines, most of which are shared with the Range Rover. At launch, there will be 288bhp SDV6 diesel and 503bhp V8 petrol engines, with 255bhp TDV6 and 335bhp SDV8 diesels, and a hybrid turning up in 2014. Eventually, Jaguar Land Rover’s new 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine will be offered, plus new four-cylinder engines and a plug-in hybrid.
Usually designers cock up the rear end, not the Range Rover people! Thanks Mr Tata!
The new car may sit on the same lightweight platform as the Range Rover, but 75 per cent of the Sport is unique. It features an all-aluminium body (the fifth from Jaguar Land Rover), meaning a weight saving of 420kg over the equivalent previous Sport, with improvements in economy and emissions of up to 15 per cent.
That front end, Blingy, but superb!
Tunnels, Deserts, Mountains, Forests, just bring it on!
Ignore the Taxi, notice the Panoramic glass roof, and in that color, oooooh!
Its touted as the Fastest Range Rover ever, and that makes me say something that i have never said before, I AM GOING TO TEST DRIVE ONE AS SOON AS IT HITS THE SHOWROOM. so more on that, later! Till then droooool!

Thanks to the Official Land Rover page on FB for the pics, and info!

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